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AC Drain Line Clogged: Find Out Why

Insulated and copper pipes running from house to outdoor HVAC compressor

Experiencing issues with your air conditioning can be frustrating, especially when it’s due to a blocked air conditioner drain line. Although it is sometimes overlooked, the drain line plays a critical role in removing condensation produced by your air conditioner. Let’s delve into understanding this common problem and explore reliable solutions. What Is a Clogged […]

What Should the Thermostat Be Set to in Winter?

Child with craft snowflake

As the winter chill sets in, the cozy warmth of home becomes more inviting than ever. A crucial aspect of maintaining that comfort is knowing what temperature to set your thermostat. It’s not just about comfort, though—it’s a balance of energy efficiency, cost savings, and health. According to the US Department of Energy, changing your […]

When Should You Use Emergency Heat?

Man wearing jacket indoors adjusting thermostat

Have you ever wondered what the “emergency heat” setting on your thermostat actually does? It’s not just a button to press when the winter chill gets overwhelming, it’s your HVAC system’s understated superhero, ready to spring into action when the going gets tough. This unsung hero is your home’s backup plan, ensuring you stay warm […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning Services

Two outdoor HVAC units

Are you tired of constantly running your air conditioner and spending a fortune on energy bills? We have some remedies for you! By taking a few proactive steps, you can optimize your air conditioning usage. Here are some tips to get the most out of your air conditioning services. Replace Your Air Filter Regularly One of […]

Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Your HVAC Repairs

HVAC unit by a brick wall

As a homeowner, paying attention to personal and family needs is vital. Installing and using a functional HVAC system is one way to care for your family and make your home comfortable. Therefore, it stands to reason that working with a reputable air conditioning company is important. Here’s a guide explaining why you should be keeping up […]

A Guide for HVAC Energy Efficiency

HVAC Technician doing maintenance

When you live in an area with varying weather conditions, you require an HVAC system to help with house cooling, heating, and ventilation. However, an HVAC system can significantly increase your electricity bill. It is crucial that you look for a heating and air conditioning service to help you find ways to reduce your energy consumption. According […]

How Do I Know When to Replace My Central Air System?

Three HVAC units buy a house

Your air conditioning unit can be very important to you during the hot months of the year, so you have to know what signs to look for when your HVAC unit needs repair. This way, you can call one of your local HVAC services to come and figure out the issues you are having. So, […]

Why You Should Never DIY Your HVAC Repair

HVAC technician working on a unit

Staying on top of routine HVAC maintenance is a must. According to Field Insight, you should have your HVAC air filter changed every two to three months. Failure to keep up with regular maintenance such as this can make your home very uncomfortable, or break your system completely. As tempting as it may be to […]