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Getting the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning Services

Are you tired of constantly running your air conditioner and spending a fortune on energy bills? We have some remedies for you! By taking a few proactive steps, you can optimize your air conditioning usage. Here are some tips to get the most out of your air conditioning services.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

One of the easiest steps you can do to maximize your service is to replace the air filter. A clogged or dirty filter can obstruct airflow and make your system work harder than necessary. This can result in a less efficient air conditioner system. Make sure to use a quality air filter and replace it often. They should be changed at minimum once every three months, or monthly if you live in a warm climate. Our HVAC experts can examine your filter and help you make the best decision for your unit.

Program Your Thermostat


Programming your thermostat can not only save you money but can also help optimize your AC’s performance. Setting the temperature a few degrees higher when you’re away or asleep can make a big difference in energy usage. This will be positively reflected in your energy bills! You may even want to invest in a smart thermostat that can be controlled from your phone for added convenience.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear


Debris such as twigs, leaves, and dirt can obstruct the flow of air to your AC unit. Make sure to keep the area around your outdoor unit clear and clean for optimal function. Also, trim any landscaping that may obstruct airflow or cause damage to the unit. If you’re unsure about the efficiency of your AC unit’s surroundings, our contractors would be happy to come to take a look.

Schedule Regular Maintenance


Air conditioning services like regular maintenance and tune-ups can catch small issues before they balloon into big problems. You should schedule tune-ups twice per year, with one appointment before the peak warm season begins.

Consider a New Unit


There comes a point where replacing your air conditioner unit is more cost-effective than repairing it. You can save anywhere from 20 to 40% of your energy cost by upgrading to a more efficient model for units more than ten years old, according to the Department of Energy. Our HVAC experts can assess your unit and determine the best next steps.

Clean Your Air Ducts


Dirty air ducts can also restrict airflow and make your AC work harder. Cleaning your air ducts can improve the performance of your system and improve indoor air quality at the same time.

These tips can help you maximize the efficiency and coolness of your AC system, saving you money in energy costs and improving the overall comfort of your home. For additional information or advice, give HVAC Near Me a call today.